We helped Microsoft put the Surface Pro 9 through its paces with a string of lush live-action sequences infused with dreamy hues.
Group Creative Director Thomas Schmid, Executive Producer Russell Greene, Creative Director Dan Gregoras Associate Creative Director Guillermo Zapiola Producer Adam Hughes, Gwynne Evans Reid Associate Producer Chloe Soares, Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor Bill Dorais Art Director Arielle Casale, Design Nancy Liu, Tuo Kan Technical Director Jose Fuentes VFX Supervisor Jose Fuentes Storyboard Artist Tristyn Pease, Tucker Klein, William Rosado Compositing Jeff Billion, Tamir Sapir Previs Zuheng Yin, 2D Animation Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Kyle Snider, Luke Barker Editor Talia Mazzarella, Production Coordinator Jennifer Blackwell Colorist Michael Dwass 

Live Action 
Line Producer Kyle McGuiness Director of Photography Kevin Hayden Script Supervisor Jennifer Blackwell Production Designer Arielle Casale Head of Production - Live Action Trish Rigby 

Music Studio Sounds Like These Audio Mix Sounds Like These
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