The Future of Everything is a Wall Street Journal magazine that covers future trends in a range of industries, from food and travel to sports and technology. The Future of Everything magazine approached us (Sagmeister & Walsh) to create a photo illustration series to help tell the story of CRISPR, a simple yet powerful technology for editing genomes & allowing researchers to alter DNA sequences.
In the age of CRISPR, scientists are not only altering the shape of the natural world, they are redefining what constitutes natural. Biologists and geneticists can genetically manipulate eggs that can give life to species that were once extinct. Our imagery & design for the feature plays on the idea of bringing infamous extinct species back to life. Imagine, pterodactyls and mammoths in our lifetime!
Creative Direction, Jessica Walsh
Client, Anais Maroon And Frank Augugliaro
Production, Erica Grubman, Gosbinda, Vizarretea
Lead Design, Angela Iannarelli, Soomin Jung, Rachel Denti
Design, Katyayani Singh, Farah Kafei
Production Design & Props, Arielle Casale
Photography, Zak Mulligan, Sarah Hopp
3d Render, Zaid Abouzeid
Retouching, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Daniel Plateado
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